Holloway of Ludlow
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Moire Wall Light

Inspired by the play of patterns in Moiré jewellery, the Moiré Wall Light demonstrates the matching sensations of touch and interaction.

The warmth of layered copper patterns creates an every-changing illumination of shapes and forms. The user is invited into its hypnotic performance as its movement presents rings, squares and hexagons as if from thin air. The magical execution of Moiré.

The fascinating Moiré effect is formed by adding two patterns on top of each other, thus creating a new pattern. This effect occurs with the Moiré Wall light by rotating the rear portion of the lamp. This creates an almost hypnotic effect with new patterns of rings, squares or hexagons. The wall lamps invites the user to interact and be fascinated by the moiré principle.

Projection: 6cm
Diameter: 30cm

Prices Inc. Vat:
Hexagon, Copper £489.00
Circle, Brass £489.00
Square, Steel £489.00