Holloway of Ludlow
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Based is Svetla, Jiri Tritik's glass manufactory was built in 2012, and can claim to be the most modern glassworks in Europe.

It was able to employ engineers and craftsmen left without a job when the 100 year old Svetla glass factory closed down.

Bomma like to keep things in house, designing their own cutting machines and tools. Their production lines were built by the local Bohemia Machine, who have built cutting robots and production lines for the industry since 1992.

Bomma combine delicate, hand blown glass with automatic precise crystal cutting to produce individual pieces on a large scale. A marriage of traditional methods and modern technology.

These lights are hand made to order in the Czech Republic, the home of quality glass.

The lead time is typically 5-6 weeks although we do sometimes hold small amounts of stock - to check please email customerservice@hollowaysofludlow.com